Keynote Speakers | Programme

Keynote Speakers and Programme

Keynote Speakers

Prof Mike Batty, Emeritous Professor of Planning, Centre for Advanced Spatial Analysis, UCL

Prof Rachel Franklin, Professor of Geographical Analysis, Centre for Urban and Regional Development Studies, Newcastle University

Prof Luís Bettencourt, Inaugural Director of the Mansueto Institute for Urban Innovation and Professor of Ecology and Evolution at the University of Chicago; External Professor of Complex Systems at the Santa Fe Institute

Luis Bettencourt


The scientific programme will take place online, with a possible set of face-to-face sessions in a blended format (on-venue and online) subject to English Public Health and University of Manchester policies in November 2021.

We will create a series of tools to generate engagement between participants during the days of the colloquium, replicating online the traditional spaces of engagement that are so characteristic of ECTQG.

Special Sessions and Parallel Sessions

There will be eight special sessions convened by academics on specific topics.

The programme will also have other parallel sessions with traditional ECTQG themes.

SS01 – Climate change mitigation strategies at urban and territorial scales: modelling tools a nd quantitative impact assessment | Proponents: Federico Amato, Antonino Marvuglia, Maider Llaguno, Beniamino Murgante, Federico Martellozzo, Benedetto Manganelli

SS02 – The multitude of spatiotemporal scales in urban systems | Proponents: Janka Lengyel, Seraphim Alvanides, Stephane Roux and Patrice Abry

SS03 – Exploration and validation of spatial simulation models | Proponents: Juste Raimbault and Denise Pumain

SS04 – Where next? Validating models of land change | Proponetnts: Eric Koomen, Chris Jacobs-Crisioni

SS05 – Geographical distances: measuring, mapping, theorizing | Proponents: Alain L’Hostis

SS06 – Facilitating quantitative methods pedagogy: Digitalization, innovation, and future needs | Proponents: Jane Bunting, Oliver Gronz and Cyrille Médard de Chardon

SS07 – Measuring form and dynamics in complex urban systems | Proponents: Nuno Pinto

SS08 – Virtual and augmented realities to perceive and model urban environments | Proponents: Nuno Pinto, Geoffrey Caruso and Markel Vigo

SS09 – Special Session in honour of Martin Charlton | Proponents: Chris Brunsdon, Lex Comber, Paul Harris and Richard Kingston

SS10 – Sustainable Mobility and Equality in Mega-city Regions: Patterns, Mechanisms and Governance | Proponents: Joana Barros, Chen Zhong, Yang Yue

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